Source code for pytorch3d.implicitron.dataset.data_source

# Copyright (c) Meta Platforms, Inc. and affiliates.
# All rights reserved.
# This source code is licensed under the BSD-style license found in the
# LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.

# pyre-unsafe

from typing import Optional, Tuple

from import (
from pytorch3d.renderer.cameras import CamerasBase

from .data_loader_map_provider import DataLoaderMap, DataLoaderMapProviderBase
from .dataset_map_provider import DatasetMap, DatasetMapProviderBase

[docs] class DataSourceBase(ReplaceableBase): """ Base class for a data source in Implicitron. It encapsulates Dataset and DataLoader configuration. """
[docs] def get_datasets_and_dataloaders(self) -> Tuple[DatasetMap, DataLoaderMap]: raise NotImplementedError()
@property def all_train_cameras(self) -> Optional[CamerasBase]: """ DEPRECATED! The property will be removed in future versions. If the data is all for a single scene, a list of the known training cameras for that scene, which is used for evaluating the viewpoint difficulty of the unseen cameras. """ raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] @registry.register class ImplicitronDataSource(DataSourceBase): # pyre-ignore[13] """ Represents the data used in Implicitron. This is the only implementation of DataSourceBase provided. Members: dataset_map_provider_class_type: identifies type for dataset_map_provider. e.g. JsonIndexDatasetMapProvider for Co3D. data_loader_map_provider_class_type: identifies type for data_loader_map_provider. """ dataset_map_provider: DatasetMapProviderBase dataset_map_provider_class_type: str data_loader_map_provider: DataLoaderMapProviderBase data_loader_map_provider_class_type: str = "SequenceDataLoaderMapProvider"
[docs] @classmethod def pre_expand(cls) -> None: # use try/finally to bypass cinder's lazy imports try: from .blender_dataset_map_provider import ( # noqa: F401 BlenderDatasetMapProvider, ) from .json_index_dataset_map_provider import ( # noqa: F401 JsonIndexDatasetMapProvider, ) from .json_index_dataset_map_provider_v2 import ( # noqa: F401 JsonIndexDatasetMapProviderV2, ) from .llff_dataset_map_provider import LlffDatasetMapProvider # noqa: F401 from .rendered_mesh_dataset_map_provider import ( # noqa: F401 RenderedMeshDatasetMapProvider, ) from .train_eval_data_loader_provider import ( # noqa: F401 TrainEvalDataLoaderMapProvider, ) try: from .sql_dataset_provider import ( # noqa: F401 # pyre-ignore SqlIndexDatasetMapProvider, ) except ModuleNotFoundError: pass # environment without SQL dataset finally: pass
def __post_init__(self): run_auto_creation(self) self._all_train_cameras_cache: Optional[Tuple[Optional[CamerasBase]]] = None
[docs] def get_datasets_and_dataloaders(self) -> Tuple[DatasetMap, DataLoaderMap]: datasets = self.dataset_map_provider.get_dataset_map() dataloaders = self.data_loader_map_provider.get_data_loader_map(datasets) return datasets, dataloaders
@property def all_train_cameras(self) -> Optional[CamerasBase]: """ DEPRECATED! The property will be removed in future versions. """ if self._all_train_cameras_cache is None: # pyre-ignore[16] all_train_cameras = self.dataset_map_provider.get_all_train_cameras() self._all_train_cameras_cache = (all_train_cameras,) return self._all_train_cameras_cache[0]